District 201V1-4, Victoria, Australia


Removal of Playground signVDG Visit

November 19 - Heathcote Lions Dinner Meeting was attended by 1st Vice District Governor Maureen Thorpe and husband PDG John.The club was presented with an award patch for 'Best Website' together with a Banner of DG, Kevin Tait. 

Terry Canfield (CoGB) installs new street furniture at Liquidambers.     Gazebo & Street furniture at Liquidambers                                      

13 August 2014                                                                                               13 August 2014


   Catering crew at Stargazers showing new sign on Trailer - 1 March 2014



May 11, 2013 - What a day!! Lions members run the BBQ for the Heathcote Connect event (3 Hrs). At 1.00pm all is packed up and we head off to a site located on a property at Mia Mia, some 25 Kms from Heathcote. The rock band (all 3 members) Cosmic Psychos, performed for a relatively intimate crowd at the Knights farm. The impromptu stage being perched on what became a rather natural amphitheatre in a wide hole dug out of the gravel on the property. The farm is also appropriately littered with plant machinery, and the crowd was a combination of film crew and diehard fans, the majority spilling from buses. Crowd number was around the 350. This was by far the biggest BBQ we had ever done and 2 in one day was another record.



                                                               Photos courtesy of Dianne Dailey & Fred Theis





                                                                              CAROLS IN THE PARK - 2012


Newest member, Leslye Theis at 'Carols'.                                      Caroline J (who can I phone for more sausages) & Ray J at 'Carols'. (Both photos Fred Theis)


                                                                                                    GRINSTEAD TWIN LIONS

Probably not widely known amongst newer Club members, however they do form part of the club history. In 1998, Club member, Les Peagam and wife, Anne, made a return visit to the UK to visit family. Whilst helping out the Grinstead Lions club at May Day celebrations they noticed that each of the stalls run by the club had a colourful ''friendly Lion'' hand painted on wallpaper indicating the purpose of the stall. Anne was so impressed with the Lions that she persuaded the late Bert Hewitt (the creator) to allow her to have one of the banners. On their return, the banner was shown to local club members who were so impressed that a replica was commissioned and they were named the''Grinstead Lions'' to honour their origin. They were used for a number of years at various club functions to brighten up club displays / events. The ''friendly Lions'' had not been used for a number of years, however, they recently made an appearance at the 2012 Heathcote Show. They currently reside in the Lions Den at the Guide Hall.

                                                               BLACK DOG RIDE TO THE RED CENTRE - 18 August 2012                                                                                                 


President discuses the Black Dog Ride with Ride Co-ordinator Ric Raftis.               Riders arriving for the Morning tea stop.


                                                                                       Some of the 47 bikes participating.

                                                                                                      ART SHOW 2012

The Heathcote Lions Art Show not only shows the work of adult artists but also that of school children from the district schools in an effort to encourage and foster development within this area. 



Cr Rod Campbell & Alister Trease                                                                             Brother & sister, Cassie & Patrick Ward provided background music.


Lucynda Jaroslawski of the Heathcote Primary School                                             Riley Bruce of the Heathcote Primary School receives the Judges' 

receives the Judges' Encouragement Award.                                                          Encouragement Award.


                          Garry Taylor is congratulated by Cr Rod Campbell on winning the Lions Club of Heathcote Acquisition Award for his work 'Harmonious Yellow'.

In the School section the Judges' Excellence Award winner was Andrew Morrison of the Redesdale / Mia Mia Primary School. He received his award on the Saturday.

                                                                          NEW PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT FOR LIONS PARK - May 2012


"Where is that new piece of playground equipment?"                                                                                  Frank Dailey, Terry Canfield & Greg Speirs

The new playground equipment is inspected by Lions President, Frank Dailey, Terry Canfield (representing the C.O.G.B) and Greg Speirs (representing the Heathcote & District Community Bank). The new equipment was purchased through a joint effort of all 3 organisations.

                                                                                                       CHANGEOVER 2012


Changeover held at the Heathcote Bowling Club - 22.06.12                                                        Incoming President, Frank Dailey with John Ayres


IPP Alister Trease shares a moment with Ian Owen                                                                     Rosie Dumigan (what a great cook) and Helpers


Newly installed members with Alan Smith presenting the Gong.                                                   At the Head Table - PDG Jill Qualtrough, Dianne & Frank Dailey,

                                                                                                                                                 Mary & Daryl Wallace with Barry Cail standing


'I always listen to what you say Mary'                                                                                          Lions enjoying themselves.

                                                                                            THE 'AMAZING RACE' BBQ - 2012


With his back to the camera, Daryl Wallace mans the BBQ whilst                                                 Heather wonders what might be on the ground whilst Jeanette ensures that

Heather Chynoweth wonders where the customers are and President Frank                                  everything is in its correct spot.

says it must be lunchtime.


                                                                                                             What a Team!




With our catering trailer showing signs of its age, a rebuild was approved. The first outing it had was on Saturday, 25 February 2012, when it was taken out into the bush to the Stargazers meeting. It met all expectations. More photos and the history of the Trailer appear below in the section, 'BBQ / FRIDGE CATERING TRAILER'.


                            The catering trailer in use prior to 'refurbishment' taking place, as meals are provided for the 'Stargazers' at the Leon Mow Sky site -                                                                                                            11 September  2010 

                                                                                   STARGAZERS - March 2011


In the 2 scenes above, taken at a 'Stargazers' cookup on 5 March 2011, the question could be posed - Who is doing the cooking? The photo on the left shows (from L to R) Lions, Daryl Wallace with wife & Lions Partner, Mary, Fay Dawson, Alister Trease (Club President of the time) and Caroline James. The photo on the right shows (L to R), Lions Jeanette Dedman,  Harold 'Keeper of the Money' Fraser and Ian Dawson who is in the cooking section but as he is conversing with Lion Jeanette, he isn't doing much either.

                                                                                                                       HEATHCOTE SHOW - 2011


                                                                                                        Scenes from the Heathcote Show - 1 November 2011

                                                                                                        HEATHCOTE LIONS  -  COMMUNITY PROJECTS


                                                        The Heathcote Lions Park (Bar-B-Q & Playground) was opened for public use on 23 December 1978.



In the early months of 2012, after obtaining Grants from the City of Greater Bendigo and the Heathcote Community Bank, the Heathcote Lions Club was in a position to upgrade the Lions Park with some new playground equipment along with a 'freshen up', thus making it more 'user friendly'.

                                                                               PICNIC SHELTER IN 'VALLEY OF THE LIQUID AMBERS'.


                                                                                      Picnic Shelter erected by Heathcote Lions Club in 1999.

                                                                                               THE HEATHCOTE SKATE PARK


With the co-operation of Heathcote Health, Heathcote Lions Club and City of Greater Bendigo, the Skate Park became reality when it was opened in December 2009. The path to the right leads up to the hospital. Further work is planned to add a BMX area and a Rotunda.

                                                                                                                    BBQ / FRIDGE CATERING TRAILER

                                                                                                                             Trailer Tales

During the early 2000s, the Lions Club of Heathcote Inc, catered for the Heathcote Rodeo, using Alister's 4 burner BBQ (the same as the top of the current BBQ, but on legs.) Club member, Alex West [now deceased] felt the Club needed something more substantial, so the 7 burner BBQ was created by Lion Alister Trease. Then it was felt a fridge was needed and so was born the idea of a BBQ / Fridge Trailer. Alister was in charge of this construction project ... the original trailer base was from a discarded caravan, and bits and pieces were found / scrounged / donated from a variety of sources, with continual 'fine tuning' by Alister.
In the last year or so, it has become evident that the trailer base was disintegrating and 'something would have to be done'. The BBQ / Fridge Catering Trailer 2012 model, is still undergoing fine tuning (we now have water on tap!) - more copper piping still to be installed in the fridge etc.

We have been very fortunate in having the creative and manufacturing skills of Lions Alister Trease and Ray Johnson. We have been blessed by some significant donors - springs and wheels donated by EasyTow Trailers, Heathcote, stainless steel cabinet tops by Masfield Manufacturing, Bendigo and significant time contributed to getting the correct operation from the electric lifters for the roof by Phoenix Mecano Dewert, Tullamarine.
There have been many other parts and services provided by local and district businesses as a commercial enterprise.
Information supplied courtesy of Lions Caroline James and Alister Trease (the manufacturer extraordinaire!)



The rebuilt Trailer awaits departure outside the Heathcote Post Office for the Stargazers site. Lions members, Ray Johnson, Jeanette Dedman and Caroline James discuss how good the new/refurbished trailer looks.

                                                                                           HEATHCOTE CONNECT (A Community Event)

                                                                                                                    March 31, 2012


Eppalock Ward Councillor, Rod Campbell and his wife, Alison are flanked on each side by the Lions members who were manning the catering trailer. Cr Campbell was out meeting members of the community as he recovers from an illness. Lions members L to R: Lyn Furneaux, Ray Johnson, Peter Baldwin, Jeanette Dedman, Lorraine Speirs and Daryl Dedman. Lyn is our latest member and is waiting induction. (Photo supplied courtesy of Bronwyn Beyers, The McIvor Times)


                                                                                                       Lions Catering trailer at Heathcote Connect festivities.



Community members take full advantage of what there was to see and do plus getting a free sausage from the Lions in these general street scenes.

                                                                                      HEATHCOTE LIONS 'ANYTHING' AUCTION

Each Easter Saturday sees a large portion of the boundary fence of Barrack Reserve lined with all sorts of goods being offered for sale. The goods are donated by the community. The auction of 'lots' is carried out by Lion Patrick Connally who is also one of the local Real Estate Agents.



                                                                                                                   HOSPITAL HELIPAD




HELIPAD - Heathcote Hospital. Prior to the construction of the Helipad, helicopters as called to Heathcote were required to either land on Barrack Reserve, with patients being transferred by Ambulance to the site or it could land on the site which now has the Helipad but would create a duststorm. Not a good thing for the patient or those in attendance. On 17 January 1990 it was moved at a General Meeting of Heathcote Lions that a worthy project to undertake would be to assist in the construction of a Helipad in the hospital grounds. On 7 February 1990 Alan Waterhouse reported to the meeting on developments for construction and asked that Ambulance Officer, Danny Lumby be invited to the next meeting to speak on the matter. Danny attended the meeting on 21 February and gave a video presentation and talk on life support and the advantage of having a Helipad. The Apex Club had also expressed an interest in assisting. On 2 May, member Jim Harrison reported meeting with the Apex Club. On 6 June, Greg Speirs reported that 7m of concrete had been poured and a 30m path to the hospital had been 'boxed' up. On 5 October 1990 a letter was sent to the Hospital Administration that once the Helipad was complete and operational it would be handed over to the hospital. It was through the generosity of the people of Heathcote together with various trades people that the town now has the Helipad, which was officially opened on 2 December, 1990. A worthwhile joint project by Lions, Apex and the Shire of McIvor. In September 2000, the McIvor Times reported that the Helicopter 'HEMS3' would be based in Bendigo from the early 2001, and would service an area covering 150 km radius. The trip from Heathcote to Melbourne would only take 30 minutes compared with 100 minutes by road. HEMS3 (Helicopter Emergency Services, in Red colour scheme) is shown above on the Heathcote Helipad.                               (Photos shown above are supplied, courtesy of Danny Lumby, Sandra Whytcross & Daryl Dedman)